Join a powerful community of Black practitioners, entrepreneurs, influencers and wellness ambassadors to learn how to be collectively well and share accessible, Black women-owned wellness products and resources! 


Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to live.

At BLK + GRN, our all Black artisans are carefully chosen by Black women's health experts who know what an all-natural product truly looks like.

We've seen firsthand the damaging effects harmful ingredients and practices have had on our community.

We connect Black women with natural lifestyles to high-quality, toxic-free brands that share in our mission of health, wellness and community cultivation.

We’re Black, yes, But we live Green.


Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.

Like plants, we soak up the sun, yet blossom even in the shade.
We flourish with or without space.
Our soil is rooted in something unshakeable.
Our leaves spread like seeds.
Each sprout tells the story of a better way to be.

We’re Black, yes, But we live Green.


Connecting through community and shared experience.

We craft and consume consciously, with ingredients mother earth has bestowed.
Oh, what strength one woman firmly rooted can behold, when she plants, waters, and cultivates her own!

We’re Black, yes, But we live Green.